What are the precautions for atomization inhalation?

Time:2022-06-27 Author:Shenzhen Fitconn Technology Co.,Ltd.

A. Clear oral secretions, food residues, etc. before treatment so as not to hinder the penetration of mist droplets. Do not apply oil or cream to the face before atomization.

B. When treating adults or older children, instruct the patient to inhale slowly and deeply to inhale the droplets more deeply; inhalation is better for young children when they are quiet than when they are crying. During treatment, pay attention to bronchospasm-like manifestations such as choking and report to your doctor in time.

C. Rinse your mouth after inhalation to prevent hormones from accumulating in the oropharynx. Those who inhale with a mask should wash their face.

D. Pay attention to the back pat within 1-2H after atomization, and encourage the patient to cough.

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