Will you use the anti-decubitus air cushion?

Time:2022-04-03 Author:Shenzhen Fitconn Technology Co.,Ltd.

The anti-decubitus air cushion has been favored by the majority of users since its launch, but some elderly people or other users will inevitably encounter the situation that they cannot use the air cushion. Here, I will explain the use of the anti-decubitus air cushion.

The most important thing when buying an anti-decubitus air cushion is not to buy an expensive product, but to choose a product that suits you. After choosing a suitable anti-decubitus air cushion, first test whether the air pump can work normally, check whether the parts are complete in length, and after everything is in good condition, keep the purchased invoice for future emergencies, and choose the first choice after returning home. Put down the bed with the anti-decubitus air mattress, flatten the Fudikang anti-decubitus mattress, and check whether each trachea of the mattress is connected by the tube. The head is cut open to facilitate the connection of the mechanical vent. At this time, the two conduit interfaces are distinguished from the connection of the two exhaust holes of the movement, and the connection order can be freely selected. Connect the movement to the power supply, turn on the power switch, and place the treatment valve at the maximum flow. This is the initial inflation of the movement obligatory mattress. When the air cushion is 80% full, put the isolation pad on the anti-decubitus air cushion on the anti-decubitus air cushion body. At this time, put a bed sheet or towel on the anti-decubitus air cushion, and it can be placed on the anti-decubitus air cushion for a while. Thick beds. Just adjust the air valve to the proper flow, and finally the patient can lie down on the mattress.

In the initial use of the air cushion, pay attention to observe whether the air cushion is running normally. If there is any abnormality, immediately contact the dealer or the manufacturer for after-sales service. Fu Dikang reminds: Even after there is an anti-decubitus air cushion, the nursing staff should not care about the patient carelessly, and the patient should recover quickly.